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Pre-Kindergarten Program

Phil-Mont is a Christ-centered school, desiring in all ways to bring glory to God as students are taught that Jesus is Lord of all of life.  Teaching the joy of loving God as we challenge students through a worldview based on the Bible is a focal point of our program.

The program is designed to cultivate a sense of wonder at God’s design of the world as well as the ability to think with discernment and make biblical choices. Students are pointed to God’s sovereignty over His creation even in simple things. Students are pointed daily to a uniquely Christian perspective of themselves and the world around them that is filled with patterns such as day/night and summer/winter. Pre-Kindergarteners learn how to interact in a godly manner in the classroom as they work with one another in daily activities. Students begin to learn to make choices as image-bearers of God.

Goals of Pre-K include:

  • Encourage children to view themselves as unique creations of God, loved by God, and designed to serve and glorify Him.
  • Provide children with a variety of active experiences designed to develop their God-given abilities and gifts.
  • To develop each child’s capacity to interact with others as God commands and learning to love others as they love themselves.
  • To foster within children a love of learning and a desire for knowledge about themselves and God’s world.