Concepts of Education


It is with great joy we bring the light of Christ into the realm of educating His children. We are an academy in which the Reformed outlook on life weaves through our principles and practices. This page further explains this perspective and its desire of having every aspect of life fall under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Scripture and Thinking

We believe and want the children attending Phil-Mont to know that God gives us every word found in the Bible. We want them to understand that they have the actual Word of God in their hands and that it is the supreme authority. We desire to see the children attending Phil-Mont accept the word of God and obey it. We believe that the strength of God’s word in the lives of the students gives them a foundation from which they can test all ideas that come their way.

Who We Say That God Is

We want our students to develop their concept of who God is solely from Scripture. We recognize that God reveals Himself to us and that He is a Holy God, to be reverently feared and held in joyous awe. At Phil-Mont we gladly portray the love and goodness of God, especially through His act of giving us a Savior. As the students mature through their years at Phil-Mont, they will grow in their understanding that we worship one God, and that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They will learn that God created all things out of nothing and that He maintains and oversees His creation. He indeed preserves and governs over all creatures, including mankind.

Covenantal Promises

We emphasize the concept of promises (covenants) that God makes with His people. For example, God entered into a covenant with Abraham and promised to be Abraham’s God and the God of Abraham’s descendants for the generations to come. We continue to rely on this promise of God to us, to our children, and to our children’s children. God’s covenants are binding and we acknowledge that the breaking of a covenant, such as the one in which Adam originally sinned, results in consequences. We also desire that the students recognize the good news of the promise of grace in Christ for all of God’s children through the generations.

The Nature of Mankind

We teach children that when Adam fell, we all fell. The seed of sin was planted in each of us at that time. We believe that the Fall has tainted every aspect of our human experience–both physically and spiritually. We suffer as a result of the fall. Because sin permeates our very beings, we are not able to please God without His saving grace. Wonderfully, God chooses to set each of His children free from the curse of sin. He knows the future because He has planned it and uses it for His glory and honor.

We are Redeemed

We acknowledge each member of God’s family (including our children) is an heir to the wonderful effects of Christ’s redemptive work on the cross. While we were born sinful with no prospect of hope in ourselves, a child of God is now beautifully grafted into the branch of Life with all the other children of God. We believe that Christ paid for our sins and we have a new life to live for Him. As a result, we have a hope for the resurrection of the body and for an everlasting relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Christ is Lord

We want the children who attend Phil-Mont to know that God has power over every thought, word, desire and experience they have, no matter how they feel. We desire that all students recognize the shallowness of the world’s concept of independence and see dependence on Jesus as King of their lives to be the superior desire. It is also important to us that our students recognize that God calls them to be students and that he will ultimately call them to a life’s vocation. We believe it is vital for the children to understand God’s desire for man to have dominion over the animals and to explore, discover and subdue the earth to the glory of God its Maker. We believe Christian parents are commanded to teach their children diligently and not to conceal from them the praises of the Lord or His strength and wondrous works. We believe God’s children will put their confidence in Him and not forget his amazing works while keeping His commandments. We believe that by delegated authority, our teachers stand in loco parentis, cooperating with parents in the endeavor of passing along a Christ-centered world-view. With this influence, we believe children will come to interpret life and the world in the light of Scripture, to the glory of God and to the benefit of His Church as well.

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