Head of School Position

Position Description: Head of School, Phil‐Mont Christian Academy

Position Title: Head of School
Contract: The Head of School is a full time (12 months) salaried position and shall be employed by way of contract with an effective date of July 1 which shall state the agreed term, salary ($65,000), and other conditions of employment.
Report To: Board of Trustees
Overall Responsibility: The Head of School must be a spiritual leader, with a vital and active faith, who takes overall responsibility to see that Phil‐Mont Christian Academy fulfills its mission to provide academically rigorous education from a Reformed perspective to our diverse student body. This person is responsible for leading the staff, providing for the spiritual and educational growth of the students, building partnerships with key constituents, overseeing the operational and administrative aspects of the school, and providing direction for long‐range planning to ensure the school operates according to Scripture, school bylaws, policies, and the laws of the government.

Qualifications, Experience Requirements


  • A strong, clear, Christian testimony of acceptance of Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord
  • An unreserved acceptance of the School’s Statement of Faith, including Reformed confessions
  • A mature, godly spirit with a vibrant and active faith and prayer life
  • A strong knowledge and understanding of Scripture
  • An active involvement in a Bible‐believing church
  • A servant leader


  • Minimum of a Master’s degree in education/administration
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in administration, preferably at a Christian educational institution
  • Ability to articulate a Christian philosophy of education consistent with Scripture
  • Classroom teaching and curriculum development experience
  • Strategic planning experience
  • Engagement in continuing education and professional development
  • Experience in building and leading a diverse constituency
  • Demonstration of executive and management skills and presence
  • Effectiveness in oral and written communication
  • Ability to cast vision and effectively share that vision with stakeholders to inspire action
  • Financial acumen for fundraising and an advocate for donor cultivation
  • Strong budgeting experience
  • Openness to new ideas, initiatives, and concepts in education
  • Familiar with the changing role of technology/social media


  • A lifestyle of biblical integrity and humility
  • A strong philosophical commitment to Christian education and the mission of Phil‐Mont
  • A spirit of dedication, commitment, flexibility, and responsiveness to the needs of others
  • Ability to listen and respond to counsel
  • A relationship builder with skills in conflict management

Key Tasks & Responsibilities

The selected candidate will have EXTENSIVE experience and documented success in at least 4 of the following areas:

Spiritual Leadership

  • Develop and maintain a school‐wide spiritual emphasis in all aspects of school life which fosters a strong relationship with God in those who work and attend Phil‐Mont
  • Ensure the planned activities and programs of Phil‐Mont are performed in a manner which honors God
  • Form and cultivate spiritual goals and establish ways of evaluating progress of quality Christian testimony in the lives of Phil‐Mont students

Educational Leadership

  • Work in close cooperation with the Board Education Committee
  • Keep abreast of current, major trends in education, in general, and in Christian education in particular
  • Form and cultivate sound educational goals and establish ways of evaluating progress in the lives of Phil‐Mont students
  • Oversee and evaluate the development and operation of the curricula and instructional programs to prepare our students educationally to be successful in an ever‐changing world
  • Develop a dynamic program for the professional growth of the faculty through in‐service trainings, conferences, and workshops
  • Ensure Phil‐Mont maintains the standards necessary for accreditation with Board approved agencies (ACSI, Middle States)

Management & Supervision of Personnel

  • Hire and assign responsibilities to qualified individuals to meet the educational and spiritual standards of the school
  • Create a healthy work environment that results in high staff morale and a low turnover of staff members who are contributing at an expert level
  • Ensure that staff members have regular, documented performance feedback and development plans
  • Effectively resolve and serve as final arbiter of staff disputes, issues, or disciplinary matters

Administration & Operations Management

  • Oversee admissions program and procedures, including establishing enrollment campaigns to retain current students and to recruit new students
  • Oversee policies and programs relating to the behavior and discipline of students
  • Assist in discipline situations when needed
  • Oversee and implement policies and programs governing the Phil‐Mont International Student Program
  • Ensure that current and comprehensive technology is available for personnel and students to use
  • Ensure that facilities, vehicles, and grounds are properly maintained, providing a welcoming and professional environment
  • Oversee and implement policies for safe school facilities including crisis management policies and practices
  • Ensure that the school operates in compliance with the appropriate laws of government
  • Oversee the uses and/or rental of the Phil‐Mont facility to outside organizations to ensure that such uses do not detract from the Phil‐Mont mission or create unreasonable liability

Fiscal Management

  • Work in close cooperation with the Board Finance Committee
  • Ensure the financial health of the school through active involvement in setting tuition rates, planning staff compensation, and developing operation and capital budgets
  • Ensure that the school operates within the budget, adhering to approved policies and sound business practices as outlined by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)
  • Maintain adequate and secure records for Phil‐Mont, including a system of financial accounts, business and property records, personnel records, school demographics, academic records, and health records

Marketing & Public Relations

  • Develop and maintain consistent and effective communication with the school’s constituents to promote a strong positive awareness of the school’s programs, activities, and achievements
  • Establish and maintain a healthy working relationship with the Families for Phil‐Mont (FFPM) leadership and other school volunteers
  • Establish and develop relationships with current families, local churches, area residents, local government, local businesses, and local media to promote relationships between Phil‐Mont and prospective families and donors to Phil‐Mont

Resource Development, Vision Casting, & Long‐Range Strategic Planning

  • Oversee and develop in conjunction with the Director of Advancement and Board Advancement Committee, a strategy to address Phil‐Mont’s annual and long‐term funding/charitable gifting needs
  • Actively participate in Phil‐Mont Advancement activities, fostering a giving spirit and the connection between giving and school advancement
  • Develop and implement, with the Board, the school’s long‐range strategic plan, including comprehensive campus and technology plans
  • Develop within the Phil‐Mont community (administration, faculty and staff, Phil‐Mont families, alumni, and donors) a strong understanding of ownership and support of the Phil‐Mont mission, vision, and strategic plan

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