Phil-Mont pursues excellence in academics like many other college-prep schools; however it is our mission to provide this education from a consistent Christian world-and-life view for the children of Christian families.

These children in grades Kindergarten through 12 represent ethnic, economic, and cultural diversity, yet they come together on one campus as our experienced faculty prepare their young hearts and minds for a lifetime of learning and service in the home, church and community. Preparing children for the challenges of the present and the future, Phil-Mont gains its support and authority from the unchanging Word of God.

Phil-Mont’s highly trained faculty members seek to identify each child’s gifts and abilities within a nurturing environment, while providing a challenging, innovative academic program. Phil-Mont teachers not only educate the children, they care about each one. We are training a community of scholars today that will become the leaders of tomorrow.

At Phil-Mont, not only are students expected to answer questions in class and on tests, but they are encouraged to think through subjects and issues by asking questions in their classes. Asking questions and participating in class conversations are important parts of the learning process, enhancing higher order thinking skills.

Learning to analyze and evaluate information independently prepares our students to engage responsibly in their own education. Students formulate opinions and discuss issues freely as a result of an atmosphere that encourages asking about God’s world. Our students are challenged to become thoughtful, inquisitive, responsible and fully involved in their own personal growth; both academically and spiritually.