Phil-Mont 1st Grade

1st grade

A Christian World and Life View

In first grade, students discover and enjoy God’s creation through hands-on outdoor activities and field trips. First graders begin to explore history and to see how God was faithful to his people in Bible times, in our own country’s beginnings and how he continues to be faithful today. Students recognize and celebrate events in our own calendar that reflect biblical events, such as Christmas and Easter. They learn to give thanks in all things not only at Thanksgiving but throughout the year.

Major Concepts

  • Reading foundations: phonics, sight words, comprehension, context clues and reading fluency
  • Beginning spelling and grammar
  • Writing sentences and paragraphs with proper letter formation, capitalization and punctuation
  • Mastery of basic addition and subtraction facts, place value, basic geometry, money and time
  • Biblical concepts of accepting forgiveness and asking for forgiveness, creation, Kings, Prophets, Judges, the Early Church
  • Study of South America, maps, globes, graphs and the various communities we live in
  • Exploring Life Science (teeth, bones, muscles, heart, blood, lungs, stomach, food, mammals, fish, birds, and insects), Physical Science (movement and machines), and Earth and Space Science (seasons, sun, planets, stars and moon).
  • Self control and independence in a classroom setting

 Grade Level Highlights

  • Inter-generational ministry, including Grandparents’ Day and other visiting opportunities
  • Trips to the zoo, an apple farm and the theater
  • Building appreciation of literature through story times, independent reading and theater experiences
  • Daily journal writing and illustrating
  • A class program in the early winter
  • Mystery Reader Program
  • Weekly homework packets created for each child’s level
  • Various creative homework projects including informational posters, diaromas, written and oral reports and role play.
  • Thanksgiving Feast

Teacher information:

Phil-Mont faculty - Lois Sorkness

Mrs. Lois Sorkness

Mrs. Lois Sorkness is a Phil-Mont Alumna (Class of ’76) and she has her Bachelor’s degree from Gordon College. She has been teaching first grade since 2011 and has graduated 8 children of her own from Phil-Mont. Contact – lsorkness@