Elementary & Middle School Physical Education

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Phil-Mont faculty - Bill DeHeer

Mr. Bill DeHeer Phil-Mont Class of 1982 B.S. Houghton College

My goal is to have a gym full of students that do their best (physically) at all that is put before them, and that they play well (unselfishly) with all their classmates – displaying the character of God in both word and deed. I would also love to have them change their attitude in a sport or activity previously disliked/hated.

I would like each student to know more about each of our units than they knew at the beginning of the year – how to play a sport they had never played before, what it takes mentally to stay in shape, pick up some new strategy. Mostly, I want them to know that God simply wants them to do their best at all they put their mind/body to, and to know that he will supply all they need through the challenges of competition as they seek His guidance.

One of the things I enjoy most about teaching at Phil-Mont is the students!  They are generally well behaved, teachable and fun to be around!

Phil-Mont has a definite family feel to it- this is what makes it unique to me. Many teachers have been here for well over 20, 30 years, which gives stability and camaraderie.