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Name Position Ext. Email ID
 Asher, Renee* Business Assistant 406 rasher@
 Askey, David* IT Manager 415 it@
 Bacon, Janet* Communications Manager 409 office.admin@
 Bacon, Joel* HS Physical Sciences, dept. head 208 jbacon@
 Bierema, Ronald* HS Math, dept. head 207 rbierema@
 Bither, Amie HS Life Sciences 205 abither@
 Bither, Steve Plant Manager 308 sbither@
 Carradice, Carlotta* ESL NA ccarradice@
 Chi, Joseph* HS Bible 9, MS Bible 211 jchi@
 Chi, Sunny* Business Manager 412 schi@
 DeHeer, William (Bill)*+ ES, MS Physical Education 416 wdeheer@
 Dolton, Kim*+ 2nd Grade Teacher 102 kdolton@
 Furlong, Kathy*+ Kindergarten Aide 104 kfurlong@
 Geating, Lilan International Student Coordinator 410 lgeating@
 Ghebrehiwot, Mihret* Extended Care 101 mghebrehiwot@
 Gunn, Kim+ 3rd Grade Teacher 111 kgunn@
 Gunning, Angela Kindergarten Teacher 104 agunning@
 Krpata, Melinda* Instrumental Music 322 Mkrpata@
 Kunkle, Daniel* HS Bible (10-12) 303 dkunkle@
 Liegel, Susan* Interim Head of School 420 suzyliegel@
 Liegel, William* HS English, Yearbook, dept. head 109 wliegel@
 Lilliston, LaVerne* Admissions and Student Records Coordinator 407 llilliston@
 Maienshein, Vicky* Kindergarten Aide 321 vmaienshein@
 Mason, Elizabeth (Liz) HS Spanish 107 emason@
 McCarty, Matthew HS History (9-10), Intro to Christianity, Bible 9 304 mmccarty@
 McDonald, Marti ES, MS Art (K-8) 302 mmcdonald@
 Nemec, Janet* Receptionist 400 jnemec@
 Noonan, Jennifer Librarian 200 jnoonan@
 Porcella, Adam+ Dean of Student Affairs 403 aporcella@
 Porter, Louise* School Aide 400 lporter@
 Rockey, Elizabeth (Betsy)* MS Language Arts 212 erockey@
 Shaw, Anne* HS English 108 ashaw@
 Shope, Debra* Learning Center 110 dshope@
 Sorkness, Lois*+ 1st Grade Teacher 103 lsorkness@
 Sorkness, Thomas* HS History (11-12) dept. head 210 tsorkness@
 Struck, Charles* Athletic Director, HS Physical Education, HS Health 417 ad@
 Suggs, Rebecca (Becky)* HS Art, dept. head 301 rsuggs@
 Sutliff, Audrey 4th Grade Teacher 113 asutliff@
 Swope, Julie MS Math 201 jswope@
 Trego, Katharine (Katie) MS Social Studies 202 ktrego@
 VanVeldhuizen, Bethany+ HS Math, MS Algebra 8 204 bvanveldhuizen@
 VanVeldhuizen, Phil+ Admissions & Marketing Manager 408 admissions@
 Waggoner, Joseph General Music, Choir 305 jwaggoner@
 Wolf, Margaret* 5th Grade Teacher 112 mwolf@

* – Current or former school parent
+ – Phil-Mont Alumni