Graduation Requirements

A student is required to successfully complete 23.5 credits to graduate. One credit equals two semesters of course work. All required courses, listed below, must be successfully completed (passing grade) in order to graduate.

Students in grades 9-12 are required to complete 15 hours of community service for each year of high school. Hours spent working for most community organizations, most non-profit organizations, and some school-sponsored activities would satisfy the requirement. See Phil-Mont Service Program page for details.

Course requirements for graduation

Twenty-three and one half (23.5) units of credit in grades 9-12 to include:

English – 4 credits

History – 4 credits

Bible – 4 credits (or one for each year at Phil-Mont)

Science – 3 credits

Mathematics – 3 credits

Language – 2 credits

Phys. Ed. – 1 credit (.5 credits in grades 9 and 11)

Health – .5 credit in 10th grade

Fine Arts – 2 credits

Students are strongly encouraged to consider taking a third and fourth year of a language if they are applying to higher tier colleges.

Most Phil-Mont students take many electives in addition to basic graduation requirements and graduate with more than the mandatory 23.5 credits.