Phil-Mont’s Kindergarten program is not only academically structured for student success, but is also an environment of love, safety, and community growth. Students learn from the Bible, from structured curriculum in math, language arts, science, and social studies, from multiple special classes, but more importantly, students learn from a caring, Christian teacher who is certified and experienced in helping young students grow in their own, God-given way. Students learn to use their creativity and vocabulary to express themselves and ultimately, to bring God glory. Kindergarten is where Phil-Mont starts to shape young hearts and minds to understand that this is God’s world and we are called to do our best for Him.thanks-be1small

About the teacher:
Phil-Mont’s Kindergarten is taught by Mrs. Angela Gunning. Angela has a BS degree in Elementary Education / Music from California University of Pennsylvania where she attended as a Presidential Scholar and was accorded Dean’s Highest Honors all 4 years of attendance. She holds certification from the state of PA.

Angela first became familiar with Phil-Mont in 2010 when she was introduced to her now husband, Brian, a 1998 Phil-Mont alum who has remained active in school affairs through coaching and continuing faculty and peer relationships. The Gunnings maintain membership at First Presbyterian Church of Bridgeport.

17-5Here is a basic outline of our Kindergarten curriculum


  1. Memory and application of Bible verses and stories
  2. Praise and worship in music -Hymns and Scripture songs
  3. Formal Program: “God’s Wonders – The Story of God and His People”
  4. Weekly Chapel


  1. Learn to write “the kindergarten way”
  2. Listen to stories and learn poems
  3. Formal Language Programs – Foundations and Frameworks and Wilson Phonics.
  4. Develop interest in reading/writing
  5. Develop decoding strategies using phonics skills
  6. Explore language patterns through poetry and nursery rhymes
  7. Develop comprehension skills
  8. Writing and spelling correctly consonant/vowel/consonant words


  1. Formal Program: Everyday Mathematics (The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project): an activity-centered math program for early childhood education, focusing on patterning, sorting, classifying, counting (on and back), comparing, graphing and number
  2. Simple addition and subtraction


  1. Schoolblox is a classroom version of Audiblox, suitable for preschool and kindergarten children, and primary school children from first to seventh grades.  
  2. The program aims at preparing a foundation for exposure to and achievement in reading, spelling, writing, mathematics and subject matter.


  • Our focus is cultivating a sense of wonder at the world God made.  Each week, we enjoy using our five senses in hands-on activities.


  1. This is a teacher directed area, taught in connection with calendar events and seasonal activities.               
  2. As we discuss God’s world, we will utilize our maps in connection with Bible stories, children’s books, current events and student (family) background.


These special classes are taught by other teachers at Phil-Mont

  • Physical Education (PE) 2 days per week, Please make sure the children come to school dressed in PE uniforms and are wearing sneakers. 
  • Library/Computer – 1 day per week. If your child has brought home a library book, please return if by the next class; if no book is brought home, you will know that it is computer day.
  • Art – 1 day per week
  • Music 1 day per week
  • Chapel on Tuesday begins at 8:30, it is especially important to be on time (8:15) on those days.

Class trips include: Styer Farms, Elmwood Park Zoo, Philadelphia Art Museum

Special events include: Grandparents Day, Thanksgiving Feast, Big Brother/Big Sister program with 5th grade, 100th Day celebration, Christmas program, Teddy Bear picnic, Weekly walks in the park, and a number of other unique classroom activities. Parents often are very active in these events.