Phil-Mont 2nd Grade

2nd grade collage
Major Concepts
• God keeps his covenant promises to his people
• God is revealed in the Bible and through the person of Jesus Christ
• Mastery of advanced adding and subtracting facts
• Solving word problems
• Place value; counting money and telling time
• Writing paragraphs, letters and stories
• Using phonics and other tools to read more independently
• Finding the main idea and summarizing
• Realizing that the world is bigger than ourselves and our families
• Scientific study of animal habitats, energy, light, sound and hearing
• Learning about our world – the continents and oceans; learning to read maps
• Appreciating the contributions of George Washington Carver
• Learning about the history and culture of Philadelphia
• Appreciating the history and culture of Italy

Grade Level Highlights
• Raising Painted Lady butterflies from caterpillars
• Learning to write in cursive
• Taking class trips to the Nature Center and to the historic district of Philadelphia
• Beginning Daily Math and Language Review
• Incorporating music and multimedia into subject areas
• Math games and activities
• End of the year Run for Fun and water slide in physical education

A Christian World and Life View
In Bible class, we see how God has revealed himself to us and begin to see how the Bible stories that we know fit together. As we memorize Scripture, we apply it to our daily lives working and playing together. We see how God has provided for his creation as we study animals in their habitats and bow in awe before the Lord of Creation as we examine the solar system. God’s orderly nature is reflected in the consistency of mathematics. We begin to learn to evaluate what we read from a biblical perspective.

Teacher Information:

Phil-Mont Faculty - Marilyn Todd

Mrs. Marilyn Todd

Mrs. Marilyn Todd has been teaching at Phil-Mont since 1998. She has her Bachelor’s degree from Eastern University and has graduated 3 children of her own from Phil-Mont.

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