Phil-Mont 3rd Grade


3rd grade

In third grade we see even more clearly that God is sovereign over all, including history, language, mathematics and nature. We evaluate characters’ actions in stories and literature from a Christian perspective. We see how Egypt’s civilization intimately connects to the history of Israel. We see that God reveals himself in history through specific people, places and events.

Significant Concepts Covered
• Mastery of cursive writing
• Multiplication and division
• God’s faithfulness to his chosen people
• Exploring character, theme and plot in literature
• Reading fiction and non-fiction selections
• Writing paragraphs, reports and stories
• Editing, proofreading and publishingour own work
• Creative problem-solving in mathematics
• Native Americans and 19th century pioneers
• Australia and Ancient Egypt
• Ecosystems, matter, motion and force, musculoskeletal and nervous systems, solar system

Grade Level Highlights
• Pioneer unit including Old Fashioned School Day
• Pioneer project
• Trip to the Mercer Museum
• Daily practice with grammar and math skills
• Math games and activities
• Map activities
• Learning research and report-writing skills in conjunction with our Ancient Egypt and Australia units
• Science experiments
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Teacher Information:

Phil-Mont faculty - Kim Gunn

Ms. Kim Gunn

Miss Kim Gunn, Phil-Mont Alumna (Class of ’91) has her Bachelor’s Degree from Grove City College, and a Masters of Education from Chestnut Hill College.

Miss Gunn has been teaching at Phil-Mont’s elementary program since 1996. – Contact: kgunn@