Phil-Mont 4th Grade

4th grade classroom

Fourth grade is a year filled with experiences that help us to mature in a variety of ways. Across the curriculum, students are challenged to stretch their skills and knowledge. Building upon basic skills from the primary grades, but learning to deal with much more content and advanced vocabulary, all within the context of using higher level thinking skills and a biblical world view is consistent. Further development of organizational skills, as well as study skills and relational habits, encourage students to become productive responsible scholars as a reflection of using their talents for God’s Bible:  We study the origins of written language and its importance in bringing God’s Word to the masses.  We survey the Pentateuch and the early history of Israel.  We learn how to use reference/resource tools to study God’s Word as well as become skilled at using the Bible on a daily basis. We see how God is intimately involved in the lives of His people in the past and the present.

4th grade curriculum overview

Math:  We learn to recognize the sovereignty of God in Math as he controls the laws that govern mathematical relationships and brings order to creation. We develop a variety of math strategies and fine-tune problem solving skills as well as increase accuracy with basic facts in conjunction with larger mathematical equations.

Science:  We learn how God is the designer of life, energy, earth and space as we explore many aspects of his creation.

Writing:  Cultivating the use of standard written English to foster mastery in the use of punctuation, in strengthening proofreading skills, and the creation of complete sentences as well as thoughtful paragraphs.

Reading:  Exploring a variety of literature as we seek to strengthen essential skills help us to expand our vocabulary, enhance comprehension, develop research techniques, and cultivate summarizing abilities.  We build strategies to help us use content area textbooks more effectively and learn to read  in a more biblically discerning manner.

Spelling:  We work to master the standard spelling of words in a variety of ways including the use of phonics patterns and rules.  As we study spelling patterns, word shapes and word families our accuracy improves.

Social Studies:  Through a variety of materials our focus is on our state history and regions of the United States with an emphasis on Pennsylvania geography, history, and government.  This helps us understand our heritage and the important role that Christianity has had in the founding our state and nation as a whole.

Teacher information:

Phil-Mont Faculty - SutliffAs a teacher, the Phil-Mont experience allows me to use my gifts to train a generation of children to seek the Lord, walk with Him daily, and develop their gifts to further God’s kingdom in this world. It is rewarding to know that He is the master teacher here helping to guide the daily instruction that takes place in each classroom. – Miss Audrey Sutliff, B.A. Cedarville University, M.Ed. Arcadia University, contact: asutliff@