Phil-Mont 5th Grade

5th grade clsasroom

God is at work in all of life, past, present and future. God’s providence throughout the world among many peoples is presented. Students are pointed to the order, design and detail of all of creation. Students begin to grapple with how each one of them is an integral part of God’s plan and has an important role in kingdom work. Students are encouraged to use critical thinking in all subject areas and to evaluate ideas in the light of a Christian worldview. 5th graders will evaluate messages in the current media using a biblical perspective.

Major Concepts
• Old Testament events foreshadow Jesus Christ
• Seeing how Jesus’ life is recorded in the gospels; the growth of the early church in Acts
• Reading novels, sharing books, fiction and non-fiction selections
• Writing essays, stories, paragraphs and research reports
• Paragraph development and a systematic approach to grammar
• Using the computer as a tool
• Leaders and leadership
• Basic math skills review, fractions and decimals, percents
• Geometric concepts and practical math applications
• Natural Cycles, life cycles, matter & chemistry basics, control systems of the body

Grade Level Highlights
• A Walk through the Old Testament
• Battle of the Books
• Accelerated Reader
• World Geography Tour
• Reporting the news
• Being Big Brothers and Sisters to the Kindergarteners
• Band and instrumental music lessons
• Being library aides
• Math Olympiad

Teacher information:


Mrs. Margaret Wolf

 B.S. Kutztown University, M.Ed. Kutztown University, M.Ed. University of Turabo/Pennsylvania State University contact: mwolf@