Admissions Overview

Welcome to Phil-Mont

Thank you for considering Phil-Mont for your family’s educational needs. This is an amazing school. You will want to come visit and see for yourself.

  • We have godly, caring teachers who are experts in their fields of study, teaching from a biblical-world-view.
  • We have the facilities to handle Kindergarten through 12th grade all in the same building.
  • We have amazing families with parents who volunteer time to help the school and students who graduate, prepared for college and life beyond.

How do you get started?

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Phil-Mont is a place where students become part of a┬álarger Christian community. Our faculty and staff help point children to Christ and prepare them for life and service in the kingdom of God. Our students benefit from godly teachers, who act as role-models for life, who pray with and for their students, who care about kids and take the time to help each student learn and express themselves using their God-given talents. We hope you prayerfully consider Phil-Mont for your family’s educational needs because the results reach far beyond head knowledge, athletic ability, or artistic excellence. Phil-Mont’s instruction and environment helps students strive for their┬ábest, for the glory of their Creator and the good of all people.