We are always excited to welcome visitors and guests to our school, as we realize that today's guests may be an addition to Phil-Mont's family tomorrow.

We are always excited to welcome visitors and guests to our school, as we realize that today’s guests may be an addition to Phil-Mont’s family tomorrow.

Welcome to Phil-Mont Christian Academy

I love Phil-Mont and honestly consider it to be the best Christian school in PA. This is where the Lord worked in my life as a student, growing in me a love for Himself and a desire to know and love His creation. God used the faculty and academic program here to shape and mold me for His glory, and He continues to work in the hearts and minds of students at Phil-Mont today. I love to hear students comment on their time and educational experiences at Phil-Mont and I am always excited to see God get the glory for himself through each individual child.

Please explore our website, watch the videos and read about the many things that Phil-Mont has to offer; not only in our academics, but also in the way that we fully prepare young people to engage the world from a Christian world and life-view. But don’t stop there – Plan a visit by attending our next open house, or call/email us and schedule a personal tour. Only then can you really begin to see what amazing Christian education at Phil-Mont looks like.

As Christine Bierema, Class of 2010 remarked,

  “Since Kindergarten, Phil-Mont has shaped who I am. My teachers have taught me academically, but more importantly, they have taught me how to love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul and strength and to love my neighbor as myself.”

I hope you will come and see for yourself what Christine, myself, and many others have experienced at Phil-Mont. I look forward to meeting you!

Phil 2013

Phil VanVeldhuizen
Admissions and Marketing Manager

215.233.0782 ext. 408



Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or to request a personal tour of Phil-Mont.

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