Application Process

flowchartsmallValid Phil-Mont applications for enrollment must include all of the following items when sent to the Admissions Office for consideration. These steps are needed prior to student testing and the parent interview. Checklist. Phil-Mont also has a similar structure for International Student Admission.

  • A completed Application for Admission, containing a parent’s Affirmation of Faith (one per child)
  • A $100 non-refundable application/testing fee (one per family, waived if applicant is the child of a current Phil-Mont family).
  • Copies of the student’s most recent report card from the current school year, final report card from the previous year. This is required for admission and should accompany the application. * 
  • Copies of the student’s most recent standardized/achievement test results. This is required for admission and should accompany the application.*
  • A completed New Student Information form for students entering grades 6-12 (one per child); this form must be completed by the student in his/her own handwriting. 
  • Please send the confidential Pastoral Reference form to your pastor (waived if applicant is the child of a current Phil-Mont family)This form must be sent directly to the Admissions Office by your pastor. Please consult the Admissions Office regarding alternatives if your pastor is a biological or in-law family member.

If you are aware of any other pertinent information about your child (e.g. learning disability assessment, psycho-educational or speech evaluation, IEP or remediation report) please include a copy/copies with the application. For further details please refer to the related information on page 2 of the Application for Admission.

Upon receipt of the complete information listed above you will be contacted regarding a testing and parent interview date. The presence of both parents at the interview is required (if applicable).

* (Not needed for children entering Kindergarten)

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our Admissions Office
at 215-233-0782 ext. 408 or email us at

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