100_6003Philadelphia-Montgomery Christian Academy is a learning institution that thrives on our ability to weave a cultural, educational, and Christ-centered tapestry for the glory of His Kingdom. The richness of culture enhances the entire Phil-Mont community and we heartily welcome international students from Christian homes. The Mission of Phil-Mont extends itself to embrace international students. It is important that the process of application is dedicated to meeting the standards of our policies and the needs of our applicant families.

Phil-Mont addresses specific challenges as they relate to non-English speaking students. Our programs require extensive reading and comprehension skills . Therefore, English language proficiency is required with the help of limited ESL assistance through the school’s ESL class and the Learning Center.

An International Student at Phil-Mont is defined as one who requires the issuance of an I-20 for admission to the United States.

Phil-Mont will only accept international students who are entering grades 7 – 10.

All steps of the admissions process must be completed by June 1st.

Parents should only choose to send their child to Phil-Mont if they specifically desire an integration of education and Protestant Christian faith.

International students must begin their studies on the first day of classes in September of the academic year, and are required to attend Phil-Mont for the full year, with the intention of continuing at Phil-Mont through their graduation from grade 12. They may be asked to participate in our Summer English Course.

Parents of international students must complete all admissions paperwork, including the Parent’s Affirmation of Faith on the application. Only original applications and accompanying forms will be accepted; no copies or faxes are permissible.

All application materials must be completed and on file before an admissions interview will be scheduled. Pastoral Reference forms (enclosed in admissions packet) are required for both the international family and the host family in America. If either a parent or host family member is a pastor, an elder of the church may fill out the form. The pastoral reference forms must be returned to Phil-Mont directly from the pastor/elder.

All international students must live with a host family while attending Phil-Mont if their parents do not plan to reside in the U.S. with them. Finding a host family is the complete responsibility of the student’s parents and must be established before an I-20 will be issued. The host family must be able to communicate in English. Phil-Mont can not assume responsibility for finding a new host family if a student desires to change host families.

The host family must follow the same criteria for admission as the prospective family (see below) and is required to have an admissions interview. Phil-Mont must be notified immediately if the student intends to change host families, and the new host family must be interviewed and adequately meet the admissions criteria in order for the student to continue at Phil-Mont.

An I-20 form will be issued only after the full admissions process has been completed and acceptance to Phil-Mont has been granted to the student.

The parents or host family must inform the school as soon as they know that the student’s visa has been either approved or denied. A copy of the F1 Visa must be mailed or faxed to the school. An appointment must then be made with the Admissions Office for the family to come in to sign the contract and pay tuition. At that time a meeting will also be scheduled for the student to meet with the guidance counselor to select courses.

All International students are required to participate in at least one extra curricular activity. (Example: sports, theatre, clubs, band).

Tuition for the entire year is due along with the signed contract before a student may begin classes in September. Tuition for the school year will not be refunded should the student discontinue schooling at Phil-Mont for any reason.

Criteria for admission of International Students

  • That there be a credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ on the part of at least one parent of the applicant.
  • That there be membership in, and regular attendance at, a church in which the Bible is sincerely believed and faithfully taught.
  • That there be an understanding of, and agreement with, the purpose of the Academy to provide children with a God-centered education in which Jesus Christ is acknowledged in every area of life.
  • That there be a commitment on the part of the parents to support the work of Phil-Mont through prayer, volunteerism, and financial contributions.
  • That each applicant give evidence of potential academic success in Phil-Mont’s program based on past records, entrance tests, and interviews.
  • That each applicant give evidence of emotional stability, a satisfactory behavior record and adequate social adjustment.

2014-2015 Tuition Schedule for International Students

Application / Registration Fee (non-refundable) – 500

International Student Services Fee (Issuance of I-20) – 500
*This fee covers active management of the I-20, testing and a variety of other counseling services that are unique to international students. This is a one time assessment.

Tuition Per Year (Must be paid up front / non-refundable) – 16,750

Additional fees may be required: ESL – 1,500, Learning Center – 2,000, Intro to Bible – 1,500


International Application and other Application Documents