Why Phil-Mont?

At one of Phil-Mont’s annual Town Hall meetings a group discussion took place on the topic, “Why did you choose Phil-Mont for your child’s education?” The responses were varied. Some people wanted:

•An excellent education for their children
•To run from the inadequacies and shortcomings they perceived in other schools.
•To augment the education they sought to provide through their home and church
•The same experience they had when they went to Phil-Mont

All are strong reasons to send your students to Phil-Mont. Another point can be drawn by reading the October 2012 issue of Philadelphia Magazine featuring it’s list of the Top 100 Public Schools and  Guide to (45) Great Private Schools, including Phil-Mont:

 While a few schools may near our achievements in academics … they lack our Christian foundations, cost much more, or both.

 In fact, in addition to the continuing academic excellence at Phil-Mont, our:

  • faculty tenure (14 years on average) fosters educational /experiential / and relational continuity
  • school is sized to offer many opportunities for students not just to try out for, but to participate in, our excellent drama, music, art and athletic programs
  • school is a clean, safe, and supportive environment where kids can learn, grow and focus on their learning opportunities
  • teachers know their students, care about their success, and pray with and over them
  • Teachers embrace the truth that a complete education is built on the solid foundation of God’s truth

Perhaps one of the most powerful reasons stated by a parent was, “We really have one main ambition for our kids, and that’s they go to heaven.  And so we looked for a school that would teach them to follow Jesus and grow in faith”.  Phil-Mont grads are prepared to follow Jesus into all arenas of culture and community and to grow in deeper faith in the One who gave Himself for them.

So, why Phil-Mont? We answer that question with every graduating senior who takes the next step, prepared to face the real challenges they will encounter, both academically and spiritually.