Elementary Music

Music K – 5 is an exciting mix of singing, making music with rhythm instruments, playing hand chimes and drums, music appreciation, theory and performance. Folk songs, multicultural music, scripture songs and historic hymns are used to promote skill in and enjoyment of many forms of music. Each class presents a musical drama at some time during the year. Study of a band instrument may be undertaken in fourth and fifth grades and an extracurricular choir is also available for third, fourth and fifth grades.

Middle School Music

Middle School Music has a variety of studies.
– Sixth grade learns about the exciting and diverse music of the Twentieth Century.
– Seventh grade studies music from various world cultures.
– Eighth grade learns about Western Music from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century.
There is an elective band and choir at this level as well.

High School Music concert

Students may elect to study music in the High School by joining the choir or the band. In choir, the students prepare music of various eras, genres, styles and cultures for concerts and festivals as well as learn about the progress of music from the Middle Ages to the present.

The study of sight singing and music theory encourages music literacy, and healthy vocal technique is taught and practiced. Band students study and perform in small ensembles as well as the larger group. Improved technique and proficiency are evidences of excellent training and persistent practice.

Phil-Mont Instrumental Music