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The Phil-Mont Fair

Good News – the Phil-Mont Fair (formerly the Carnival) is back! This year the Fair will be held on Saturday, June 3 from 11:30 am – 4:30 pm here at the school. Come out and enjoy the free food, popcorn, cotton candy, funnel cake, games and prizes. We are also bringing back the famous Dunk Tank. For $2.00 you can try to dunk a teacher, coach or administrator. For $5.00 you can try for Mr. Beebe!

In preparation for this big day we need your help. A SignUpGenius has been created for volunteers. Additionally, we are asking for water, juice and snacks. Please log in and help make the Fair successful. If you have any questions, please email the school office or Michelle Nock.

Part Time K-8 Art Teacher Needed

Phil-Mont Christian Academy is seeking a part time (75%) K-8 Art Teacher.

This person will be expected to emphasize age appropriate fine arts and design concepts, art historical context and a Christian world view through a well-developed curriculum in each class. They should be able to demonstrate, through example, a balance of traditional skills and techniques with current approaches to making art. The role being offered is part of a Fine Arts team and requires participation in annual fine arts events. Interested teachers should complete and return a Faculty Application and send a letter and resume to

Reason for the need:
Phil-Mont’s current High School Art Teacher, Mr. Matt Stemler, has accepted a position as an Adjunct Professor at Cairn University’s School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, starting after this current school year. Phil-Mont’s current Elementary and Middle School Art Teacher, Mrs. Becky Suggs, has been offered and accepted the role of High School Art Teacher in his place, which leaves the school with a need to add a new K-8 Art Teacher. We look forward to this new opportunity, and pray that God would bless Mr. Stemler in his new school, that God would bless Mrs. Suggs in her transition, and that God would bless Phil-Mont with another wonderful K-8 Art Teacher in the near future.

Chess teams both win at ACSI

Congratulations to the two Phil-Mont chess teams who competed in the ACSI Chess Tournament in Baltimore on Friday. Both the younger team and the older team captured 1st place in their age division. Give a high five to the younger chess team members: Emmanuel, Jacob, Jordyn, and Calebe, and the older chess team members: Christian, Maxwell, Yera, and Josh for their excellent team accomplishments. Special kudos to Maxwell for his “perfect day” of 5 wins in 5 matches.

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ACSI Fine Arts Festival Results

Undeterred by a snow delay and a malfunctioning bus, Phil-Mont High School students had an outstanding day at last Thursday’s ACSI Fine Arts Festival!

by Morgan Lieberman, ACSI First Place Winner for Abstraction-3D

In the Visual Arts competition, first place trophies were awarded to Morgan Lieberman (Non-Representational-3D and Abstraction-3D), Savoy Collier (Image Capture – Image Manipulation) and Sarah Holland (Narratives & Storytelling-3D). Ryan Markowitz and Caleb Johnson received ratings of Superior, while Kristen Smith, Yera Park, Jeremiah Hooks, Kirsten Howland, Dan McKay, and Karen Hormann were rated Excellent and Eden DeLisser received the rating of Good.

by Sarah Holland, ACSI First Place Winner for Narratives & Storytelling-3D

In Music, the Concert Band received the highest score in Small School Band category! Jazz Band, Flute Ensemble and Choir were rated Very Good, and our soloists received ratings of Superior (Joclyn McDonald and Rena Omeliantschuk) and Excellent (Morgan Sitasz, Yera Park, Rebekah Dolton and Rachel Hatem).

by Savoy Collier, ACSI First Place Winner for Image Capture – Image Manipulation

High School Band – Received the highest rating for Small School Band

Soccer for Syria

Many have called it the worst crisis of our time. The situation in the Middle East, particularly the internal conflict in Syria, has caused millions of individuals to be displaced. Civil war has ravaged the region for several years, and with the rise of various radical groups the situation does not look hopeful. The Syrian conflict also brought about a medical crisis, with hospitals being targeted and medical personnel killed. The need for medical care is increasing among Syrian refugees.

In light of these developments and the ongoing crisis, the National Honor Society of Phil-Mont will be hosting a fundraiser for Syrian refugees in both Syria and the surrounding region. Join us on March 31 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm for a soccer tournament fundraiser. All donations will be used to fund the work of the Syrian American Medical Society, which runs over 100 medical facilities in Syria that offer medical attention to Syrians. Please support this event. Your donations will bring humanitarian aid and medical equipment to Syrians.

My son, my daughter, and Phil-Mont

    So many decisions! As a parent there are so many important decisions my wife and I need to make for the good of our young children. It started before our son was born, with decisions about which hospital, what name, and what kind of foods to eat during pregnancy. I’m sure every parent knows just what we went through. Then there were the choices of different diaper brands, baby food, clothes, car seats, even teethers & toys. The options seem overwhelming at times. I want the best things for my kids, and I recognize that having to choose what’s best will not be ending any time soon. There are some decisions, though, that my wife and I made a long time ago; decisions that will make the stresses of life more manageable. We know that we will raise our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord and train them in the way they should go as God commands in scripture and they will be part of our church community. Before even having children my wife and decided to send our kids to Phil-Mont when the time came. We have experienced the benefits of a Christian education at Phil-Mont as both alumni and employees.

Timothy, Phil-Mont class of 2031

I was recently asked while giving a personal tour of the school about the longevity of our high-quality faculty (average tenure of 17 years) and how that affects parents with younger children, parents who are concerned with next fall’s classroom but also want the best teachers for their children 10-15 years from now. The question posed was something like, “What will my child get when he comes school at Phil-Mont if those outstanding teachers are gone?” For me, it is a matter of legacy and of God’s faithfulness to Phil-Mont. I plan to send my son and daughter to Phil-Mont. So I can ask myself the same question: When my son comes in 2018 or my daughter in 2021, will they get essentially what my wife received as an elementary and middle school student, what she and I received as high students, what our current students are getting, or something completely different? My answer to this is a clear, resounding “all of the above”. We know that teachers come and go. Some may think it comes down to the process of how to replace teachers when they retire, Process and planning are very important, but I also look at it and find God’s providence overarching everything. All Phil-Mont teachers will retire or move on at some point and many have already. Even Paul MacQueen, who retired in 2013 after 44 years, was a new teacher at one time. Phil-Mont’s legacy is not found in its faculty, staff, or board, although they all point to God’s faithfulness through the years. Phil-Mont has had many successful, outstanding teachers who impacted their students for life, but no longer teach here. I believe that God, in His providence, will continue to bless this school with many more amazing teachers for years to come. I believe that God uses teachers in the lives of students at Phil-Mont and that we have been overwhelmingly blessed with excellent, scholarly, godly faculty and administrators for the last 73 years.


Mae, Phil-Mont class of 2034

I want the absolute best for my children and their futures. I love them very much and will strive after being a godly parent. When I look at God’s example of what being a parent really means, I see that God sacrificed so much for the good of his children. My parents and my wife’s parents sacrificed to give us Phil-Mont, for God’s glory and our good. I believe that Phil-Mont is good, great even, and will be great for my son and daughter, no matter who the teachers may be. I trust that Phil-Mont’s founding principles in God’s word, its mission and vision for educating the children in Christian families and its godly leadership will be used by God for his glory. I believe that God will put the right teachers in the right places for the benefit of His kingdom. It is not that I trust in the people or the program or the principles. I trust in God’s faithfulness to his covenant community. Here I know that my children will be presented with the Truth. They will be shown how to wrestle with the lies of the world. They will be confronted, challenged, educated, disciplined, mentored, and shown by example a life of prayer and godly character. This is Phil-Mont Christian Academy, past present and future; an institution that God used in my life, to change me, to mold me, and to bring me to where I am today. God is always faithful to the end, His end. I will trust Him to be faithful to my children and the rest of Phil-Mont’s students and that is a decision I am glad my wife and I made early.

– Phil VanVeldhuizen, Phil-Mont class of 1999, Admissions & Marketing Manager