Independent Scholarships

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Phil-Mont is aided in tuition considerations using OSTC/EITC funds available through organizations such as Children’s Jubilee FundACSI Children’s Tuition Fund and The Bravo Foundation. These funds help us vary the tuition rates for families that qualify as long as there are funds remaining to give. There are a number of outside scholarships which some of our families apply for and receive on a regular basis. They are listed below. We are aware that there may be other scholarships hich may benefit you. Doing proper research in preparation for applying to Phil-Mont is always a wise decision. tab 4

Independent Scholarships

The following list is a selection of independent scholarship companies who currently work with Phil-Mont to help families cover tuition costs. Each company has its own set of criteria, application processes and deadlines.

AAA Scholarship Foundation

A Better Chance (students of color in grades 4-9)

Children’s Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia (Grades K-8)

Faith First Educational Assistance Corp.

Jack Kent Cook Young Scholars Program (Grade 7 only)

Charles Ellis Grant for Girls (Grades 9-12)

The Bridge Educational Foundation

Independent scholarships searchable website

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