Extended Care & Homework Club

Phil-Mont provides after school programs for students in grades K-8. These are ES Extended Care & MS Homework Club

Extended Care is meant to be a home-like environment, not “more school.” Children will be lovingly cared for on the playground or in our Extended Care room (room 101). This program is available for children in grades K-5. If your child stays until after 4:00 pm, please send a snack.
MS Homework Club Program is geared for students in grades 6-8 whose parents desire them to be in a supervised environment that will permit appropriate school-related activity as they await transportation. Activities include but are not limited to: study, completing homework, building relationships and attending on campus public extra-curricular events such as sports events. The location will be in the tutoring Room next to room 101. Enrolled students are to report to Room 101 by 3:00 pm and must sign in with the program monitor. They should have all necessary materials and outerwear with them. They will not be permitted to go to and from their lockers after signing in to the
Homework Club. Homework Club Details | Homework Club Application
Homework Club students will be inside and will need to be picked up there by ringing the bell to gain entrance to the school. If the weather is nice, Extended Care children will be at the playground behind the school where they can be picked up; otherwise proceed to the student entrance door and ring the doorbell. The care provider’s sign out sheet must be initialed each day by the adult picking up your child.

If your child regularly attends Extended Care/Homework Club and you have a change in after school plans, you must call or send a note to the office stating whether your child is to go on the bus or in the carline. It is important that you communicate with the school at all times to insure the safety of your child. The care provider can be contacted during after school hours by calling 215-233-0782 ext. 101 or 215.582.9222.
Extended Care/Homework Club billing will be processed monthly. You will receive a bill at the beginning of the month for the previous month’s usage. You will generally receive your bill on Monday, and payment is due on Monday of the following week. Balances carried over until the next month will be subject to a $10 processing fee. Please let the office know if special arrangements need to be made.

The cost is $6 per child per hour. Everyone who uses the program will be billed for the first full hour; after 4 pm, you will be billed to the next half hour. Hours are from 3:00 until 6:00 pm. Any pickup after 6:00 pm will be charged at the rate of $8.50 per half hour.