Uniform Policy


While there is no one “Christian” way to dress, we believe there are sound reasons for providing sensible guidelines for school clothing.  Our dress code is designed to:8th grade mythology facebook sized

  • help develop Christian character in our students through modesty, cleanliness, and appropriateness of dress
  • Allow clothing to enhance, not detract from, the learning atmosphere
  • be affordable
  • be easily followed
  • be easily administered


Adherence to Phil-Mont’s Dress Code begins in the home. A significant responsibility rests upon parents to give students proper guidance regarding their clothing decisions. Uniform Policy infractions can result in detentions and/or missed class time (as much as a full day) while students wait for appropriate clothing to be delivered from home. The Phil-Mont Administration and appointed faculty and staff retain the sole discretion as to whether a student’s appearance is appropriate.


We recognize the importance of not just what we wear, but how it is worn. Following are a few guidelines regarding appropriate compliance with the Uniform Policy:teaching

  • Clothing must be modest, neat and clean, properly sized and fitted, without holes, rips, patches or frayed or ragged ends.
  • All shirts (except polo shirts) must be tucked in.
  • All buttons must be buttoned on shirts. Exceptions:
    • Top collar button
    • Rolled up cuffs on long sleeve shirts.
  • Short sleeve shirts may be worn throughout the entire year.
  • An approved shirt must be worn under uniform sweaters.
  • Skirts must be at least knee length (touching the top of the kneecap. (MS and HS only).
  • Boys may wear uniform pants at any time, or uniform shorts of a length close to the knee during the months of August, September, October, April, May, and June.
  • All tights, socks, stockings and leggings (when visible) must be white, black, navy blue, light blue or flesh tone. (No leg warmers)
  • PE uniforms are required and may be worn during PE class only. Exceptions:
    • Elementary students who may wear gym uniforms on days they have gym class.
    • Kindergarten students, who may wear gym uniforms any day of the week.
  • PE uniform is:
    • Elementary: Gray t-shirt with navy logo and navy shorts. Navy sweat pants and sweatshirts with logo are optional.
    • MS & HS: Gray t-shirt with royal blue logo and royal shorts.
    • All pieces of PE uniform are available at Lands End.
  • Accessories (rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings) must be in good taste and not distracting.
    • No tight fitting garments or garments that allow bare midsections while bending in any direction.
    • No visible undergarments (including camisoles).
    • No head coverings or outerwear inside the building.
    • No heavy wallet or neck chains.
    • No sweatshirt or hoodies (except at after-school activities, PE, ball games, field days, etc)
    • No flip-flops (shoes with a thong between two toes and no other straps), shower shoes or slippers.

    The Uniform Policy provides a sufficient range of garments for the colder months, including long sleeve shirts, turtlenecks, pullover sweaters, sweater vests, and cardigans.

How To Get UniformsDSCN2033

All approved articles of clothing must be purchased through either the Consignment Shop or Lands’ End School
Exceptions: Chino pants, white and light blue turtlenecks and white and light blue oxford shirts may be purchased from any vendor provided they are the same quality, color and fit as those sold by our approved vendor, Lands’ End.
Lands’ End shopping can be done via:

The LE Shop @Sears stores may not carry items in our specific Phil-Mont uniform code, but you may try on and order clothes from the kiosk at those stores. Kiosk orders will receive free shipping to your home. Please refer to Phil-Mont’s Preferred School number: 900136698.

Special Event Dress Code

There will be particular times when students will be asked to adhere to the following minimum standards for a dress code (e.g., Junior-Senior Banquet-Prom, Homecoming Dance, graduation, academic/athletic award ceremonies, NHS induction, and others).
Boys must wear:

  • a collared shirt with a tie
  • solid-colored dress slacks (no jeans)
  • dress shoes with socks (athletic shoes are not acceptable)

Girls must wear:boys promo 1 websized

  • an appropriate dress, skirt/blouse or dress pant/blouse combination (dress or skirt must touch the kneecap)
  • dress shoes (flats or heels—athletic shoes are not acceptable)