Business Tax Donation (EITC)

I want my state taxes to:

  1. provide a student with a scholarship to Phil-Mont
  2. bailout mismanaged corporations, pay for filling potholes, etc.

If you own a business, or influence the tax decisions of your company, this real and very powerful choice is yours to make.

By choosing A: you are requiring the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to financially support families choosing Christian education.*
If you chose B (or doing nothing): you give the state your approval to spend your money however they choose.

Follow these three easy steps to turn your taxes into student scholarships!

  1. Click here to apply (due by June 15).
  2. Make your donation to the school in late August.
  3. Enclose our donation acknowledgement with your next state tax filing.

Your company will receive a dollar-for-dollar credit against its state tax bill up to $300,000 or 90%. The remaining 10% may be eligible for a Federal charitable tax deduction.

Still not sure? We can assist you! Call our business office at 215.233.0782 or email rasher@ and we’ll answer your questions and assist you through the process.

* In 2001 the PA legislature established a program (EITC) to encourage businesses to use their tax dollars to support education. Each year since then, millions of dollars are given out as scholarships by companies such as yours.