Donation Shopping

These companies give money back to Phil-Mont based on your purchases.

Now you just need to make sure Phil-Mont gets the benefit by signing up or clicking below.

1. Bookmark this link to shop

Your purchases on can help the school get 4-8% of every dollar you spend. This is the highest percentage that any company gives back to the school, so it can make the most for Phil-Mont if everyone uses it (2013-14 school year total: $299.15 with an average return of almost 6%).
Click on the logo above & bookmark that link as your primary way of getting to Amazon. After that, every purchase you make by clicking that bookmark will give money back to Phil-Mont!

2. Giant A Plus Rewards:

Once you sign up for A plus rewards with Phil-Mont, every purchase you make at Giant between October through March benefits Phil-Mont from a pool of donations. Every dollar you spend equals one point and the points start over each month. You only need to sign up once and every year you can support Phil-Mont by shopping! Giant sends Phil-Mont a donation check at the end of the year based on the amount of points accumulated (over $3,600 total since late 2012). All we need is your rewards card # and an email address. So SIGN UP HERE or print the form to sign up groups of people.

3. Box Tops For Education

box tops bigThis is clipping those Box Tops and much more. You can sign up online and earn extra rewards for Phil-Mont with other participating products and prize drawings. Each Box Top is worth $0.10, online purchases are worth more depending on the vendor.

Ask family and friends to collect box tops for you or create a drop box for your church. (2013-14 total: $607.82, 2012-13 total: $708.65) This year’s goal is $1000.00. We know it can be reached if we all work together!


Here are a few more ways to consider.
Phil-Mont escrip

Use eScrip to donate 1% of monthly purchases from PathMark

Growing Local Learning

Phil-Mont benefits when you shop at Acme

coke rewards

Donate points to Phil-Mont from coke products