Phil-Mont Clew

The time has come! Next week will be the first Phil-Mont Christian Life Emphasis Week. Our students and staff will spend a week immersed in learning what God means when He tells us to Live in Harmony.

Middle School and High School students will have special chapel schedules on Tuesday through Thursday. On Tuesday and Thursday, students will hear from Mr. Jacob Lee. Jacob is currently a student at Westminster Theological Seminary who also serves as head of the Junior High Ministry at New Life Presbyterian Church. He will be addressing the idea of Living in Harmony. On Wednesday, students will meet in homerooms for activities, study and discussion. On Friday, optional activities will be available for interested students.

The Elementary School will be visited by Mrs. Vicki Chandler, who will speak to the students on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. Chandler is the author of the Heart Eyes series of picture books, as well as being a speaker and an adjunct professor at Cairn University. She will be helping our students learn to see others as God sees them. On Monday and Friday, students will enjoy time with their class in activities that will reinforce what they are learning about how to live in harmony.

We are looking forward to a busy and exciting week. Pray with us that God will work in the hearts and minds of our school family through these special events and speakers.