Picture of the Week

This week’s featured photo includes Ken and Barbie

On Friday, March 3, Middle School Algebra students held their annual “Barbie Bungee” competition. They did an experiment and used the data and linear regression to calculate the length of Barbie’s Bungee cord that would allow her to get as close to the ground as possible without hitting. Students worked in groups to calculate how many rubber bands to use for Barbie’s bungee cord. Congratulations to the winning team of Jay Suggs (holding Barbie over his head), and (to his right), Jasmine Plack, Jalia Hale and Christian DeBrady. Their Barbie bungeed dangerously close to the ground but survived the experience. Click here to view the competition. Special thanks to judges Mr. Beebe, Mr. Porcella, Mr. VanVeldhuizen and Mrs. Wolf.