Middle School

grade8131Phil-Mont has designed a program specifically for the middle school years that seeks to address appropriate development levels and needs.  The middle school curriculum includes all of the components of a sound liberal arts program including Bible, History, English, Math and Science.  A range of special subjects involves study in fields such as the Arts, Health / Physical Education, Vocab Enhancement and Study Skills.  Classes in the middle school are discussion oriented and foster participation, build confidence, and sharpen skills in both discourse and reasoning.  All takes place within an atmosphere of steadily increasing student responsibility. 

The middle school faculty meets cooperatively to develop schedules, prepare interdisciplinary units of instruction and coordinate other special learning and community activities  The middle school program also sponsors a slate of co-curricular activities including field trips, drama, interscholastic athletics, choir, band and special event days.  When a student completes the middle school years at Phil-Mont, he or she is prepared to use his or her full mind, heart, and body in the progressively more difficult and challenging years of high school.

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